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Archery Essentials

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From sticks and simple stones to modern archery equipment, imagine early man being able to project an arrow downrange accurately enough to be able to harvest food or protect himself from predators.

Some would say that language, fire and these simple tools assured mans rise above the animals. The skill of mastering the bow and arrow to send a simple implement to its mark was an essential part of our very survival in our early days. Bow and arrow became an absolute necessity in obtaining food and defending mankind in battles for many centuries. While the stakes may not be as high today, the rewards are still great.

Today archers take up the bow and arrow for fun, recreation, hunting the pursuit of excellence and their pleasure and satisfaction comes from connecting with a skill that dates back to our earliest ancestors. For more than 5000 years the archer has played a major role in human existence and modern equipment has allowed us far greater accuracy and dependability. Our course will introduce you to archer and help reconnect you to this challenging and historic pastime.

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