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Educating Albertans on the Importance of Protecting the Wildlife and Wild Places We All Love


Take a Stand for Conservation Education

The Alberta Hunter Education Instructors Association (AHEIA) is a not-for-profit organization that works to educate the public on the importance of protecting the places and wildlife cherished by Albertans. Join the AHEIA family and help us educate the public on the importance of conserving the wild for the generations of tomorrow.

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Help educate Albertans on the importance of protecting the places and wildlife we all cherish. The goal of Conservation Education is to “increase the level of public commitment to wildlife and fisheries conservation”.

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Searchin' for Sturgeon

Lake Sturgeon have been calling Alberta rivers home for thousands of years — with little change to their appearance since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. As the largest fish in Alberta, Lake Sturgeon are a popular sport fish due to their strong fight and unique body. Unlike many fish species in Alberta, their body is covered in denticles instead of scales, and have five rows of bony plates called scutes. 

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Trail Cameras For Beginners

Scouting for big game can be done for many different reasons.  It can be a hobby, a means to a better hunting season, a recreational activity, an obsession, or any combination of these.  Scouting can look different to everyone from having boots on the ground to using technology to help.  I am a big fan of trail cameras and find it interesting and exciting to check them on a regular basis to see what animals happen to pass by my cameras.  Trail cameras can be a fun hobby on its own or a means to enhance our hunting experience, plus it is an excuse to be out of the house and in the field.

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2022 Youth Hunter Education Camps

Our Youth Hunter Education Camps continue to be very popular events. The interest in the outdoors and hunting-associated activities continues to remain of interest to our young people. This is very inspiring, considering this modern era of social media and other electronic distractions. I am extremely pleased to report that we have another keen group of new youngsters who joined the hunting/outdoor fraternity.

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