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Supporters of Conservation Education

The Alberta Hunter Education Instructors' Association gratefully acknowledges the following organizations for their support of AHEIA’s Conservation and Education programs. 

Thank you to the Northern Alberta Chapter of Safari Club International for their support of the Provincial Hunting Day Initiatives 2019!


Conservation and Hunter Education Program Initiatives 

The project was undertaken with the financial support of:
Ce projet a été entrepris avec l'appui financier de:


2023 Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp

Since 1985, Wildlife Habitat Canada, a national, non-profit, charitable conservation organization, has invested over $50 million to support hundreds of conservation projects on private and public lands across Canada, through its granting program. Wildlife Habitat Canada works through partnerships with communities, landowners, governments, non-government organizations, and industry to conserve, enhance, and restore wildlife habitat. 

To learn more about the projects that Wildlife Habitat Canada has funded or to see our annual report, please visit www.whc.org. Without habitat...there is no wildlife. It’s that simple!


AHEIA Kids Unplugged Campaign

Creativity, curiosity and critical thinking! Outside activities are shown to stimulate all three in kids. But childhood has changed! One of the most abrupt contrasts is less time spent outdoors. There are lots of reasons - some good, some bad. We all know the powerful effects of electronic devices that keep kids inside. But there are a lot more factors that keep kids indoors such as  long school and after-school hours inside, emphasis on scholastic achievement, passive entertainment and a lack of safe outdoor places to play to name a few. This comes at a cost: decreased physical fitness, decreased social connection (especially multi-generational), lower self-awareness, lessening of wholistic development, unawareness and inexperience and even fear in the natural world, and a decrease in  confidence, creativity, curiosity and critical thinking skills.

How do we get kids safely outside learning about our beautiful natural world and wildlife in a hands-on learning environment?

With your help, we can make this happen together. You can impact kids by helping support the programs that teach confidence in the outdoors with outdoor programs in wildlife identification, outdoor mapping and GPS hiking, canoeing, fishing, target shooting,  outdoor survival skills, wilderness first aid and foraging edible wild. AHEIA has trained & certified instructors and volunteers who spend time mentoring youth sharing their love and knowledge in the outdoors.  

It is people like you who love the outdoors and want to share it with others that has made AHEIA's programs so popular.  Over the years, AHEIA has seen over 2,500,000 graduates of our many outdoor programs, Many of these programs are free of charge to people of all ages, many of whom have never truly experienced Alberta's beautiful wild spaces.

The dollars you invest in these outdoor programs for kids will ensure our next generation learns to appreciate, conserve and respectfully experience Alberta's outdoors. Our wild spaces and wildlife will remain Alberta's heritage for generations to come.